Les petites chaussures rouges

Taïna Tranquille



Children’s collection

ISBN : 978-9997086358 

Mirline Pierre

Book written in French
World rights available

The narrative framework of Taïna Tranquille is both cheerful and warm. It is a world of little follies, sweet dreams, delights and lively emotions that help to live and enjoy the best of childhood. Grouping seven new ones more exciting than the others, Les petites chaussures rouges et autres histoires recreates the world of children by inviting them to live in the world of happy and bright books.

Taïna Tranquille was born in Port-au-Prince in 1987. As a young girl, she became interested in books and discovered the world of reading. After finishing high school, she enrolled in the Faculté des Sciences Humaines at the Université d’État d’Haiti where she studied Social Work at the undergraduate level. She co-animated the program “Cercle du livre” on Vision 2000 radio. Passionate about children’s literature and facilitator of children’s reading workshops, she runs the children’s section of the National Library of Haiti. Les petites chaussures rouges et autres histoires is her first book.

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