Le Voyage de Calou

Soussoule Guerrier



Children’s collection

ISBN : 978-9997086402

Mirline Pierre

Book written in French
World rights available

Five stories full of tenderness, love and generosity to bring us to (re) draw the world. The stories are alive and reveal a multitude of truths about life and about man in his relationships with his fellow men. Le voyage de Calou et autres histoires is an invitation to adventure, to discover oneself and the other and the universe. Drawn from folklore, the stories of Soussoule Warrior echo African folk tales as well as the magical world of Déïta. They are of great wisdom and brotherhood foolproof. Her credo: to please while educating.

Soussoule Guerrier was born on February 11, 1991 in Cavaillon. A manager of training, she is passionate about children’s literature. Le voyage de Calou is her first children’s book.

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