En la tela de una araña

Pilar Muñoz (text) & Matías Acosta (illustration)

Muñeca de Trapo


Children’s book

ISBN : 9789569829-12-3 

Macarena Morales

Book written in Spanish
World rights available 

A toucan, a monkey, a lion, a crocodile and an elephant swayed on the web of a spider but… How many animals can it resist?

Pilar Muñoz Lascano, author of multiple children’s books, is inspired by a popular song to give life to this fun story whose characters are masterfully illustrated by the renowned Uruguayan illustrator Matías Acosta.

Pilar Muñoz is a teacher graduated in Letters from the University of Buenos Aires and holds a MA in Books and Literature for Children and Young People. She is the author of different textbooks and children’s books, her stories “The Dream of the Great Pasture”, “Echoes” and “Manuelita” were published in Billiken magazine. She is currently a member of the ALIJA board of directors (Association of Children’s and Youth Literature of Argentina).

Matías Acosta is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. In 2012 he was selected to be part of the IV Croatian Illustration Biennial. In 2015 he obtained the second place in the Children’s and Youth Literature Illustration Prize organized by the MEC. In 2016 he received the Outstanding ALIJA Award in the category of design for his book “Minimum Separations” and the Alberto Burnichon Award for the best book published in Córdoba, Argentina.

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