Chienne de vie

Jerry Be Vital

Jeunes Malgaches


Children’s book

ISBN : 978-2-916362-38-0

Book written in French
World rights available
The author is currently working on a project of musical.

This is the last title of the Adopoche collection published in 2013. The text is the result of a writing competition organised by the French school in Tananarive. It is our favourite because the story is so touching. It is the story of little brothers who spend their day playing “kabosy” on the stairs of Analakely to earn a little money instead of going to school.

Jerry Be Vital was only 18 years old when he published his first book. His mother taught him to read from an early age, which led him to make up little stories at an early age. He is an outstanding dancer and has just started his online dancing workshop.

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