A tu lado


Polifonía Editora



ISBN : 9786124781995

Book written in Spanish
World rights available

A book that represents the bonds of love and care that exist between a mother and her young daughter. Motoneta’s illustrations recreate those moments of learning and exploration of the intimate world of parenting and allow us to know its first steps and stumbles. With a game of antonyms, A tu lado, is a book designed to share the experience of being small giants in company.

The circles used in the illustrations transmit unity and protection. A range of strong colors, reminiscent of the seventies, allow to achieve a great aesthetic unity.

Born in Arequipa, Peru, Motoneta studied design and illustration in different workshops. He completed a master’s degree in Picture Book by I with I school, Madrid – Spain. In his illustrations, color has an important effect along with the creation of naif characters that try to envelop the viewer through emotions developed in unreal worlds. Many of their stories are born from life experiences. It uses different manual and digital artistic techniques to achieve finishes of great emotion. He currently lives in Lima and works creating illustrated books for children, illustrating for magazines and carrying out personal projects. His work has been exhibited in Peru, Chile, Colombia, Spain and Brazil.

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