A insônia de Osmarina

Maria Emília Palha Faria (text) & Fabio Maciel (illustration)



Children’s book

ISBN : 978-65-993370-0-0

Book written in Portuguese
World rights available

Osmarina, the little lamb, has quite a big problem: she can’t fall asleep. Lady Linguiça is a wise caterpillar who night after night watches this drama unfold. She steps up to help and decides the best way to do it is by reciting a poem! A poem as long as the night, a poem that never ends …

But, like many children who for whichever reasons also have trouble sleeping, Osmarina still won’t fall asleep.

The story does not have a closure, a ready-made solution, and invites the reader to help little Osmarina.

Maria Emília Palha Faria has a degree in Literature with a qualification in French at UFMG and a postgraduate degree in Book Publishing at Casa Educação (SP). She translated the books “O Fantasma do Tarrafal”, selected by PNBE 2009, and “A Kalimba de Bama”, selected in 2016 by the Autorias da Diversidade Catalog from the Secretary of Education of Minas Gerais State. She is the author of the children’s book “Zuzim Brutim” and, unlike Osmarina, she does not suffer from insomnia.

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